Ozone’s Enduro coming mid December

//Ozone’s Enduro coming mid December

Ozone’s Enduro coming mid December

kitethrills-caloundra-ozone-dealer-enduroOzone new all terrain kite, the Enduro, is not just another “middle of the design spectrum” kite. Its very exciting because the rider can very quickly and simply modify the bridle geometry for optimal performance in the different styles of kiting.  Simply adjust the connection knot to get your other kite.
I’ve watched the Ozone kite range closely as it has developed over the years, I’ve always been very impressed with their clear differentiation between models. They have lead the design field rather than followed the other brands. They have pushed their range to have clear categories for their kites, so the buyer can make a confident decision.

I’m stoked to see this latest development because with a simple bridle adjustment the rider can change their kite between freestyle (like their C4) to Freeride (like their old Catalyst) or to Wave mode (like their Reo) . Now you can get a really high performing kite that crossed over into all categories except race.

Kitethrills will have a Demo available for our customers to try around Mid December.

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