Words on safety for Caloundra Kiters

//Words on safety for Caloundra Kiters

Words on safety for Caloundra Kiters

A couple of points on safety to consider

kitethrills-storm-safety-caloundra-learn1: Storm Safety

It’s storm season and with all these northerlies we’re getting we need to take care with uninvited bolts of electricity falling from the sky.

If you’re hearing thunder, and seeing clouds developing from the west olearn-kiteboard-safety-kitethrillsr south west with a lot of vertical development, then find another time to kite.

Expect that your afternoon kite sessions in NE winds may get cancelled. Starting a down-winder with a storm approaching could be a bad idea.

2: New hazards at TS Onslow

There’s a new concrete pad at the boat ramp at navy cadets TS Onslow. learn-kiteboarding-safety-kitethrills-sunshine-coastIt’s always been a very high risk decision to fly a power kite in that park; now with the risk to kiters of serious injury is very high. The choice to take this risk by launching and landing kites in the park is unnecessary.
Kitethrills will host a free lesson on how to drift launch from the sand bars so beginner and intermediate kiters, and advanced riders unfamiliar with drift launching can keep using the area safely.
Register here for a lesson at TS Onslow on safe landing and launching, drift launching and other simple safety techniques.


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