Kitesurfing Lessons FAQ

//Kitesurfing Lessons FAQ

Kitesurfing Lessons FAQ

Where does Kitethrills teach kitesurfing?
Kitethrills operates around Caloundra in world class locations for teaching.  We are fortunate to have a choice of great locations that we have commercial permits to operate in.  Golden Beach and Happy Valley both have brilliant conditions and complement each other for various wind and tide states.   Kitethrills is unique amongst kite schools on the Sunshine Coast in that we have multiple location permits and can offer you lessons in the best location on any day.

Is equipment supplied?
Kitethrills supplies all the equipment for your course, however if you have your own and want to get familiar with it we are happy to teach on your gear as long as it has adequate safety gear.

How much does kitesurfing cost?
Kitethrills offers different courses and the customer has a choice of group private or semi private.   Average lesson price is about $70/hr depending on your choice.  Private lessons cost more but offer better value for money as you wont need to share a kite.  Kitesurfing equipment costs around $3500 – $4000 for a new kit (kite, control bar, board harness) and every new package comes with free unlimited lessons to get you to the safe, competent and independant level.  For most people this is 10 – 15 hrs of lessons.

Used equipment costs from $1200 to $2500 for used packages.

Kites last about 3 years of regular use (3 times a week).  The cost of kitesurfing in the long term, whether you buy new or used, is about $4 – $8 per session.

What is the intro to kitesurfing course?
Kitethrills teaches the internationally recognised Kiteboarding Australia curriculum.  The intro to kitesurfing course includes:
Introduction to the sport.
What are the main risks of kitesurfing and how to easily minimise them
How to choose a good location
How the kite flies and what to expect
How to steer the kite without power
how to find and control power.
if the student is competent we challenge them with advanced unpowered flight skills

The Intro to kitesurfing course is only delivered as a group lesson on land with trainer kites.  These are excellent tools to teach you basic flight skills without the intimidation of power.  You’ll learn to control the kites to find and eliminate power in the direction you want.

Are there age limits to kitesurfing?
Kitesurfing is an excellent sport for nearly all ages.   There is no lower age limit to learn flying kites.  the ability level to expect from younger students will depend on the student.  Kitethrills is proud to deliver the countries first schools kitesurfing program to years 7 8 and 9 students.

Upper age limits are also a matter of the individual – there have been plenty of people in their 70s take up the sport and there is a local legend of the Sunny Coast Kitesurfing (Uncle Ray) who is proudly kitesurfing well into his 80s

Is kitesurfing safe?
Kitesurfing has very low injury rates – much lower than contact sports such as the football codes and netball.  The risks are easy to avoid.  the spills and thrills happen in the water.  To maintain power from a kite is high level skill and doesn’t happen by accident.  The kite naturally wants to stop pulling so the pilot simply need to let go to eliminate power.

Kitethrills has an excellent track record of safety and customer satisfaction.  The head of Kitethrills School is Mike Walker, the lead examiner of the peak sporting body for kitesurfing.  Kitethrills is all about a safe enjoyable and thrilling experience for its customers.

Is Kitethrills accredited? 
Yes Kitethrills is the only kitesurf school on the Sunshine Coast to meet the standards and get accredited by Kiteboarding Australia.
We operate under appropriate permits from government authorities.
We carry 20M Public Liability Insurance
We operate with qualified instructors fully inducted with our industry best practice operating procedures.
We use a thorough risk management plan
We supply all safety equipment
We use current model kites that our experts have selected as the best for easy progression.

Do you sell gift cards? 
Well yes of course – give us a call in the shop to arrange your personalised message and have it emailed directly to you.

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