VIP Package Options

//VIP Package Options

VIP Package Options

A Kitethrills VIP is a customer who has committed themselves to learning this awesome sport, by buying a package of new equipment – Kite, control bar, board and harness.

There is no additional cost – simply buy your gear from Kitethrills.

Benefits include:
– Unlimited lessons to complete the Kiteboarding Australia Independent Kiteboarder Curriculum.  this will take you through all you fundamental skills to be a safe competent and independent kiteboarder.

– No pressure to learn fast.  you’ll get your courses uploaded to our booking system – you just need to schedule them on a day that suits you.

– Learn in a variety of locations for a broader experience.

– Learn at your pace – theres no time limit.  just keep progressing at your pace.  We just ask to not need to recover skills you’ve already shown competence in.

– Don’t pay extra if you encounter learning difficulties – our instructors are industry professionals with vast experience to identify your challenges and help you through them.

Our brands all offer excellent options for the entry level kiter.  Choose from


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