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Hydro Foil Info and Demo Day

 Hydrofoil sports are new, rapidly evolving, enormously good fun, and shrouded in mystery with new developments, techniques and equipment constantly coming out.

Kitethrills is here to help people learn about hydrofoiling and all its technical details.  We’ve been leading the industry in this exciting new field since 2013 when we first started to experiment with it in the early days.

Whats your use?
There are loads of technical features which make foils work well for different circumstances such as rider weight, speed – are you riding waves or racing with kites, propulsion – are you on a sup, prone surfing, towing with a ski or boat, or kite foiling? Are you just learning or experienced?  Will you be in the ocean swell or flat water?

Technical Features

There are a number of important features that will make your foil suitable for your specific use:
Foil profile – the shape of the foil in cross section – more full = more lift at low speed, lower top speed, lower stall speed.
Front wing size – A larger su

rface gives more lift – better for bigger carry weights ie SUPs and bigger people.
Mast height – sometimes called the strut, a taller mast is better for open ocean, and advanced riders for racing.  A shorter mast is better for the early learning stages, shallow estuaries, and surf use.Construction – Alloy – heavier, slower, cheaper. Carbon – faster, lighter, stiffer more $$, Composite – in between.
Boards – totally depends on your use – we use anything from a skateboard deck, skim boards, through to SUPs and windsurfers.

Our Brands
We have the widest range of brands

and products in Queensland.  There are many different approaches to foiling – construction, materials, design, modularity, and shapes.  Each brand has their own beliefs in where their product sits and the best way to attract buyers.  This is great for Kitethrills customers as it means you can get a product perfect for you and you needs.  We are authorised dealers for”
Moses Hydrofoils
Slingshot and

Come and Try Demo Day

Saturday at Golden Beach Lighthouse from 9:30am we will be gathering with a range of demo gear from our brands.  There will be a sausage sizzle and help for foilers of all levels – even if you’ve never done it before, we will help you have a go and get you into it.

You don’t need to be a kiter or even intend to be one – we are welcoming surfers and stand up paddlers to have a go with our Jet Ski.

Please fill in this form (if you haven’t already) to let us know you’re coming so we can cater comfortably.

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