Free Lessons = Free T-Shirt!

//Free Lessons = Free T-Shirt!

Free Lessons = Free T-Shirt!

We all want out mates to join us on a downwinder or kite road trip – so why not quickly convince them to give it a go with our FREE Intro to Kitesurfing lessons that we offer!

And right now if you refer a friend (and get them to mention your name when they come to do their lesson), we will give you a brand new Slingshot Kite T-Shirt! (Hurry limited stocks!) – Or if you’re a newbie yourself – Bring along a friend to also do the lesson and score a free Tee! You must both book via the link below.


Score a Free Tee when you refer a friend! Lots to choose from.

Yes the Intro to kitesurfing lesson is completely FREE here is what we cover:

• Introduction to the sport.
• What are the main risks of kitesurfing and how to easily minimise them.
• How to choose a good location.
• How the kite flies and what to expect.
• How to steer the kite without power.
• How to find and control power.
• If the student is competent we challenge them with advanced unpowered flight skills.

The Intro to kitesurfing course is only delivered as a group lesson on land with trainer kites.
These are excellent tools to teach you basic flight skills without the intimidation of power.
You’ll learn to control the kites to find and eliminate power in the direction you want.



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