Mauritius 2018 What a Trip

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Well, what another epic winter season in Mauritius! Once again we had excellent consistent windy days and some nice swells for the entire time. Some highlights for our guests were: • Consistent 20 knot days, some much windier! Very few no wind days! • Some nice, fun, small to medium size swells meant our less [...]

September Renovation Sale… Coming Soon!

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Get ready for September 1st! We will be heavily discounting all 2017 & 2018 stock! This is your chance to get a great deal on quality gear.... Here are just some of the items that will be on sale: 17m Best Roca V2 - 50% off Slingshot Angry Swallow Surfboards - 3 sizes - [...]

VIP Package Options

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A Kitethrills VIP is a customer who has committed themselves to learning this awesome sport, by buying a package of new equipment - Kite, control bar, board and harness. There is no additional cost - simply buy your gear from Kitethrills. Benefits include: - Unlimited lessons to complete the Kiteboarding Australia Independent Kiteboarder Curriculum.  this [...]

Kitesurfing Lessons FAQ

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Where does Kitethrills teach kitesurfing? Kitethrills operates around Caloundra in world class locations for teaching.  We are fortunate to have a choice of great locations that we have commercial permits to operate in.  Golden Beach and Happy Valley both have brilliant conditions and complement each other for various wind and tide states.   Kitethrills is unique [...]

Mauritius 2016 Wrap

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Another great season kiting in Mauritius has wrapped up for the Kitethrills team and we would like to extend out gratitude to all our guests for coming with us and enjoying the amazing destination that Mauritius offers. We had 40 out of 41 days of wind with most of those being enjoyed on our smallest [...]