Cocos Islands

by Mike Walker
My first trip to the Cocos Islands with Zephyr Kite Tours was in 2007 immediately ofter I had been to Mauritius. Jen is an awesome host who really knows how to put on great holiday.

The Cocos (Keeling Islands) are an Australian owned atoll 2800km North West of Perth in the middle of the Indian Ocean. 27 islands make up a horse-shoe shaped ring of islands around a shallow lagoon. The water is warm and clean and the trade winds blow at least 90% of the time between June and November. There are some absolutely stunning places and sights here, with a beautiful bunch of welcoming locals.

For me the highlights are the Prison and Direction Island crossings, the friendly atmosphere of the Zephyr Kite Tours, Scroungers Golf on the runway, the surf shack, the fishing, friendly locals, and the clean warm waters of the lagoon.

It is hard to imagine a better learning ground than Zephyr’s kite beach and the facilities provided by Jenny for Zephyr clients are fantastic. Back in 2007 they were fairly under-developed, but today the shack has all the facilities you could ask for including music, VHF radio, rescue boat, gear storage, sun protection, BBQ and cooking facilities, esky, deck chairs, rainwater tank car park, and tool kits.

I’ve met some truly top class people during the 4 years of Zephyr Kite Tours on the cocos that I have been involved with. Im feel privileged to cross paths with such people and many of them I enjoy a long standing friendship with. I know of many other friendships and kite groups that have formed from time shared on Zephyr Kite Tours. It’s a great way to meet new friends and improve kiting skills while getting away from it all and seeing a unique part of the world. Highly recommended.

Please call us if you want more info or would like to come along on a Zephyr Kite Tour.

I’m addicted to the cocos islands now. Thanks Jen, Thanks Cocos, thanks Zephyr clients 2007 – 2010