2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow 5’2″

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The 2015 Angry Swallow is proven to be the most unique surfboard shape in kiteboarding. The T-Rex design with a truncated nose significantly reduces swing weight while still providing a central control point on the board — making airs, spins and flip tricks easier than any other board.



The Angry Swallow is one of the most unique shapes in the slingshot range. The t-rex design gives the swallow significantly less swing weight while still providing the board with a central control point. This makes the Angry Swallow perfect for freestyle strapless performance and small wave grovelling.

The Angry Swallow sports a fcs2 quad/thruster setup, giving you extra feel, drive and control. This incorporated with slingshots fluid x dampening system gives you amazing feedback and stability…

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5'2, 5'4, 5'6


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