Ozone Contact Water V4 Bar

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The new Ozone Contact Water V4 bar features an all-new push-away quick release system with an innovative one-step Click-In reload function that is incredibly intuitive. The release handle fits comfortably in the hand and is quick and easy to activate the release by pushing the handle away. A self-positioning release mechanism locates automatically, ready to be re-loaded by simply ‘clicking’ in the loop.

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38cm w/20m Lines, 38cm w/23m Lines, 38cm w/25m Lines, 45cm Bar Only, 45cm w/20m Lines, 45cm w/23m Lines, 45cm w/25m Lines, 50cm Bar Only, 50cm w/20m Lines, 50cm w23m Lines, 50cm w/25m Lines, 55cm Bar Only, 55cm w/20m Lines, 55cm w/23m Lines, 55cm w/25m Lines, 55cm w27m Lines, 38cm Bar Only


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