Easter Holiday Youth Kitesurf Program

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5 day learn to kitesurf program for new kitesurfers age 12 – 17.
Kiteboarding Australia Approved Program
Kitethrills – Established Caloundra 1999

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Learn to kitesurf the easy and safe way.  Buy this course online today to reserve your spot on the Easter Holiday Kitesurf Program

This 5-day Kiteboarding Australia approved course is for 12 – 17 year olds who have not yet started their journey to kitesurf awesomeness.

Participants can expect to be at least most of the way toward being independent kitesurfer. That is…
able to identify safe and suitable locations and weather conditions,
understand their equipment and how to use the safety mechanisms’
control a powerful kite on water,
perform multiple self-rescue techniques and know when to use them
land and launch a kite safely – both with assistance and on their own.
use the wind and a kite to get from a-b with or without a board.
how to perform a water-start to stand on a board
understand the “wind window” and how movement affects power delivery from the kite
basic aerodynamics and how a kite flies
kitesurf and waterway right-of-way rules

Participants will probably have progressed through the learning curve to a point where they are:
rising to a standing position and able to set an edge to start a prolonged ride under control,
using their kite control bar to effectively steer and power the kite to assist their balance while standing
able to perform a controlled stop
able to return to their starting position independently (in shallow water).
This level will certify them as independent kiteboarders under Kiteboarding Australia training scheme and entitle them to a month’s free membership as well as open up hire opportunities.

Possibly, participants in the program able to perform intermediate manoeuvres, such as carve turns, jumps and riding toe-side.


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