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2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow Surfboard 5'2

2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow Surfboard 5'2

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 Excels in marginal wave conditions 
• Our highest-buoyancy board  
• Agile, freestyle-friendly T-Rex shape 
• Super slashy diamond swallow tail 
• Edge harder w/ parallel rail outline 

Angry Swallow characteristics:
The Angry Swallow is a board that shines in marginal wind and wave conditions, when more traditional shapes would leave you left behind by mushy waves, struggling to stay upwind or get out past the break. Based on Slingshot’s hybrid T-Rex profile, the Angry Swallow is the most buoyant board in our lineup, which creates a stable, yet snappy freestyle-friendly feel that only a board of its size and shape can provide. With the performance of a larger, full-volume board in a small package, this is an excellent choice for riders who frequent onshore wind, rough, choppy breaks or who want a solid all-around setup that can perform well in a wide variety of conditions. The Angry Swallow features a parallel rail outline, which adds surface area for better handling in mushy conditions. An aggressive winged diamond swallow tail gives the board tight, snappy turns and helps it keep up with marginal or mushy waves. 

Angry Swallow rider profile:
You’ll love the Angry Swallow if you’re looking for a mix of stability and all-condition wave performance with a snappy, responsive and freestyle-friendly feel that only a board of its size and shape can provide.

FCSll fin system 
The 2015 Angry Swallow comes equipped with the FCSll Reactor fin setup. This simple and secure system means you can click your fins in and out in one quick step, eliminating the need for easy-to-lose tools and fin keys.

Full versatility:
The Angry Swallow's FCSll fin boxes feature screw holes that allow for mounting of standard keyed fins. All of Slingshot's 2017 surfboards feature a three-fin configuration, which provides the ideal balance between speed, traction and agility.

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