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Mystic Star Flotation Vest
Mystic Star Flotation Vest

Mystic Star Flotation Vest

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The Mystic Star float vest is perfect if you are looking for added buoyancy and impact protection to increase your confidence on the water.

The buoyancy aid is a really good shape and has a thin profile so that it does not restrict your movement. It is also short so it sits above your harness.

The Star Buoyancy Aid has shoulder and waist adjustment which can be made very big, making it easy to put on, and can also be made very small creating a perfect fit over a huge size range. Medium is able to adjust to fit from XS to L and Large can fit from S to XXL.


  • CE approved Buoyancy aid EN393
  • Aero base foam – very buoyant and also zero water absorption
  • Lycra covered side adjuster – huge size adjustment which is all kept tidy inside the lycra sleeves
  • Overhead entry – Wide opening for easy entry and exit
  • Oversize armholes – easy entry and exit plus no restriction to your movement


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