• kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
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  • kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing

Core XR7
Core XR7
Core XR7
Core XR7
Core XR7
Core XR7
Core XR7

Core XR7

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The new Core XR7 is the new generation of the cross ride kite with even more hang time, power and agility for freeriding and riding in the waves. Engineered to perform in all conditions and disciplines. Especially the tricky winds typically found on big inland lakes and near complicated shorelines.

See how easy it is to earn your wings with the XR7’s new canopy material, precise flight control, and new, lighter build. After six years, the signature canopy material receives a major upgrade.

While newly enlisted kiters will enjoy its ease and range of use, experienced pilots will feel improved inflight stability. The overall lighter construction, ExoTex Light Struts, marginally lighter (polyester) canopy, and iteration shape and bridle improvements have testers telling us the XR7 is easier to turn, and more playful than ever. 

The XR7 is also designed to immediately drift into a perfect relaunch position when it hits the water. One quick tug on the bar and the XR7 launches itself effortlessly. Riders will appreciate how easily the kite releases from the water when time is of the essence. And beginners gain confidence knowing their kite will be flying in no time.

Although CORE’s engineers amped up the kite’s big air talents, the legendary XR comfort and character remain intact. The XR-7 kite continues to be an excellent choice for kiters of all levels. Beginners will appreciate the reliable sheet-and-go functionality, and experienced riders will love the XR’s huge range and extended hang times.

You are free to do whatever style you want with the Core XR-7!


North Dice 2014 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Exotex Dacron:

ExoTex Dacron incorporates a new vertical thread structure and emulsion (protective coating) process. The stronger fabric allows Core to improve airflow by reducing leading edge and strut diameters.

Despite reducing strut diameters, ExoTex Dacron improves kite stiffness, flight stability, rider feedback, snappy pivot turns and explosive lift.

North Dice 2014 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Core Tex Ripstop:

The fabric exclusively developed for CORE is protected and strengthened with three different coating processes.

In this way CoreTex® sets new records in load tests, tear resistance, longevity and UV protection. This is noticeable during your session thanks to the crispness experienced whilst flying your kite and another reason why CoreTex® was obvious choice for the XR-7.

Optimised Aerodynamic and Intelligent Arc:

The inspiration behind the Intelligent ARC comes from nature: As a bird is able to glide without flapping its wings, for long durations of time, so to the Riot XR5 spreads its wings when the bar is pulled in.

This principle allows for a more powerful downstroke which assists with early planing. It also reduces shear forces. Upwind ability is also made more efficient as a result.

Conversely, the projected surface of the kite is reduced when depowered, like a flying bird. This adds to the agility of the kite when depowered and allows for precise turns. This characteristic makes the XR6 also ideal for riding in the waves.

Core Intelligent System:

Thanks to the CIT there is no riding style or level that the XR-7 cannot be customized to.

The turning speed can be adjusted from “superfast" and "fast" to "medium". The kite feedback levels can be set between “direct” and "medium" to “super direct”. The bar pressure is adjustable between "super light" and "light" to "medium". You can customize the settings to suit within seconds.


Speed Valve 2:

Take a deep breath in, then out. The Core XR-7 valve will accept all standard pump hoses without attachments.

This provides the SPEED VALVE 2 with the biggest, physically possible, flow of air. It’s simply not possible to pump up a kite with less effort and in less time. Even deflating the kite is noticeably quicker and easier too.


Core XR-7 LW 15m, 17m and 19m:

The XR6 LW (Lightwind Edition) allows you to enjoy even more days on the water. In addition to improved light wind performance the XR6 LW stands for agility and pure ride joy, even when the wind is blowing at less than 10 knots.

The new Short Bridle System allows for a very direct bar feeling and dynamic feedback when steering the kite. This enables real kite loops, which were previously unheard of during light wind sessions.

The constant focus on light wind build methods gives the XR6 LW its performance abilities in light wind conditions. As an example we use thinner tubes and CoreTex® Light-Fabric in our production. Despite being as light as a feather the sophisticated construction allows the kite to hold its own when the wind picks up.

Thanks to its dynamic properties, the XR6 LW makes you feel as if you were flying a noticeably smaller kite, whilst topping it off by being an absolute Hang-time Machine.

Speed Profile:

The LW version of the XR-7 has a much flatter flight profile, allowing the kite to accelerate faster and produce its own wind, which is converted into additional propulsion. This design also allows for reduced wind resistance and unwanted lateral tension resulting in both Lightwinds going extremely well and effectively upwind. The turning speed of the XR6 can be adjusted at the kite tips. This trimming is easy and intuitive; you simply move a little knot.

Slim Struts:

The XR-7 Lightwind has thinner tubes than the smaller kites in the XR6 range and benefits from this in three different ways. Firstly the tubes have been designed using less material, so therefore less weight. Secondly the tubes are thinner making the kites more flexible, which in turn allows for a quicker response time to a rider's command and thirdly the tubes have been redesigned and adapted to have an optimum flight profile, which in turn lets you go upwind even earlier and effectively.

Ultra-Light Tips:

Core have reduced the heavier Dacron material to just a few areas in the tips, a small area behind the leading edge and also on the trailing edge. Basically all areas that are considered to need special protection during launching and landing. 

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Freeride / Easy Riding / Hangtime / Freestyle / Wave
  • Direct and Fast Turning
  • Short and Direct Bridle
  • Easy Jumping Ability
  • Crisp ride experience and real kiteloops in light wind
  • Massive Depower
  • One-Pump System
  • Massive jump height and hang-time
  • Low drag lightwind design

**Prices shown are kite only - includes bag**

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