• kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
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  • kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing

Le-Morne Mauritius, Conditions

Pic © Ollie Jacobs


Mauritius is located in the western Indian Ocean at 20 degrees south. About level with Exmouth, Mackay, Northern Chile, and central Madagascar. Kitethrills has been running tours in Mauritius, since 2010.

Amongst kitesurfers it is widely known as perhaps the best tropical destination in the world. With incredibly reliable winds, a selection of world class waves, a huge lagoon for freeride fun, warm water and excellent hotels, easy access, safety, loads of alternative activities, health and travel services, there is nowhere else in the world with such a combination or as much to offer.

Other Activities

For non-kiters, the rare windless days, or just for something different, Mauritius has a wide variety of alternative activities. With a land area of over 2000km2 and a culturally diverse populations around 1.3 million, there is a lot to see and do. A small selection of the available activities, but some of our favourites are described on our Alternative Activities page.

Le Morne in Mauritius has to be one of the best spots for kiting on the planet; it caters for all abilities with a mix of flat water, easy waves and world-class barrels all within a 1-mile radius. Book a two-week trip and you should be guaranteed some great wind at some point. The Indian Ocean pumps with swell so even if the wind doesn't appear the waves will be world class.

There is a relaxed vibe on the island with a mix of cultures creating a melting pot of diversity, they drive on the left, have English road signs, learn French as the primary language, speak Creole and cook amazing Indian food. We love to get our guests into the “real” Mauritius, to be greeted by friendly locals and vibrant towns with plenty of rum flowing in the evenings!

The Winds

Wind in Le MornePhoto: Pryde Club

The most reliable winds are the SE trade winds from May to November. Typically winds pick up around 11am and blow through until sunset. The really big swells are most reliable August to October. The crowds arrive in mid July and August and also October. For good long term observation statistics check this windfinder site.

South Easterly trade winds offer stable conditions in Le Morne with the wind cross-shore from the left on the main beach. The best months are from June to October with 60% of the days offering above a Force 4. This is the winter season in Mauritius, but it is when the trades are most consistent. The air temperature during this season is between 20°C and 26°C, it gets up to 32°C in the summer, but the wind isn't as consistent; it still blows, but not as regularly.

Water temperature sits around 23-24°C so you will still need a wetsuit top, and sometimes a spring suit if you feel the cold, or want extra protection from the reef.

Booties are a good idea as the reef can be sharp, and low tide is challenging.