• kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing
  • kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing


Mauritius has a very wide range of activities available for our guests.

Stand Up Paddle –  Performance boards for wave riding Small Reef and Manawa are available for hire at the Ion Club.


Pic Ollie Jacobs



Mountain Walk – Climb the famous Mt Brabant behind the hotel. The World Heritage area is sure to provide excellent views and challenge your legs.

Activities for additional cost.

Wildlife Park – Walk with the lions, and enjoy up close and personal with loads of other beautiful animals. This activity is very popular with all visitors to Mauritius.

Dolphin Swim – this rare opportunity that almost guarantees swimming with playful dolphins is not to be missed. Take an early start to the day and spend it with a pod of dolphins.

Surf – There are loads of good surf breaks around this Indian Ocean island, but there isn’t much need to leave Le Morne – Our friends at the Ion Club will arrange a short boat trip for you to enjoy the local breaks, or paddle out if you’ve got your fitness up.

Scuba – The local scuba centre has a choice of dives around the south west of Mauritius – all of them will impress. All our packages include a free scuba diving lesson in the pool for first timers.

Whale Diving - Dive with the biggest boys and girls of the ocean. Incredible experience highly recommnded!

Scenic Drives – take a taxi or hire car for a drive around the island for some great scenery, cultural sights and a greater appreciation of the island and its people.

Kite the East or North – there are lots of other places to kite in Mauritius. The east has big wide lagoons with stunning blue waters. The North also has some great spots.

Game Fishing – our fishing specialist partners will make sure whatever the fishing you want, they’ll get you to the action. Whether it’s jigging or big game fishing, you’re sure to enjoy the experience.

Markets – Experience the local shopping extravaganza at Port Louis. Be impressed by the fresh fruit and veg displays – be less than impressed by the displays of (sometimes) fresh meats.

Quad bike – Get down and dirty with an off-road Quad bike session.

Zip lining – zig zag the zip line across the canyon at Casela.

Waterfall Adventures

On days when there is no wind we explore the jungles and some pretty amazing waterfalls.

Local Bars and Nightclubs

On occasion we explore a nearby bar or restaurant - Mauritius has quite a happening night life! This photo is from Big Willies - very friendly staff, and a happening dance floor after 9pm!