• kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing
  • kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing

Kiter Program - Your Passport to Ride.

 Our Kiter Program is your passport to ride

We take you from basic kite control to full blown simultaneous control of wind power and board riding.   

The program includes 

  • a gear package suitable for you – kite, board, harness, pump, vest. 
  • Personalised coaching – unlimited, until you can ride and control your speed and direction in both directions. 
  • Personalised Nirvana App for your phone with your progress tracker, forecasts, observations and communications feed to your coaches daily advice and invites. 

Kiter Coaching 

We fill in the gaps in your learning from the Discovery program and take you further. 

You will be have skills to:  

  • Ride and stop in control (prerequisites for our Shredder Program) 
  • Rescue yourself in deep water if the wind stops 

You will have knowledge to: 

  • Choose the right weather conditions for you and your gear 
  • Choose a good location 
  • Identify safety risks and avoid them 
  • Understand how tides may affect your session 
  • The right of way rules and how to ride socially 
  • Understand the limitation of your equipment 
  • Understand and identify local wind effects that impact your kite. 

Kiter Gear 


We’ve made it easy for you and simplified your choice of hundreds of options down to just a few. 


Our 4 brands each represent a slightly different perspective on our sport.  We’ve picked the right models of kite and board for your easiest progression.  If youre not sure which brand is for you let our coaches help you through the decision, book a call. 


F-One: Since 1994 with One vision to share the emotions of watersports through the most advanced technical gear.  Amazing gear from a world leading company born in France. 

Ozone: A world leading manufacturer of Kites and Paragliders, whose core mission is to progress our sport through technological innovation, intensive R&D and sustainable business models.  Ozone is global company: Founded in Scotland with it’s head quarters in Raglan, New Zealand; their factory in Vietnam; and with management and RnD teams across the world. 

Core Premium kites and boards engineered in Germany. Core is widely known as High performance: not just for the biggest jump or deepest barrel, but about reaching your potential on the intuitive, reliable and safe gear. 

Hyde: Hyde sails is one of the highest volume sail makers in the world with their factory in the Philipines.  Hyde Kites is collaboration between Hyde Sails and Dano See and Australian designer with over 20 years experience in kite design and production.  Hyde represents great gear at a great price. 


Select your weight 

<50kg 55kg 65kg 75kg 85kg 95kg >100kg