kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!

Free Intro to Kitesurfing Lesson


If you have been sent to this page through our FREE INTRO TO KITESURFING promotion then congratulations!

For a limited time we are offering our INTRO TO KITESURFING normally $49.95  - FREE!
What's the catch? There is no catch the lesson is totally free - but of course we are hoping that this will inspire you to fully learn how to kitesurf with kitethrills with one of our lessons packages to suit your budget.

Kitesurfing will change your life - It is exciting, keeps you fit, sharpens your reflexes, increases strength, gets you outdoors and exploring the amazing coast lines and oceans of our area. You will meet amazing people and make many new friends! You will see for yourself the sport is like a large friendly club, where other riders are happy to help you out. 

After this INTRO TO KITESURFING you will be ready to go forward full speed with learning the sport, and your freshly acquired new skills will progress you faster through a in-depth full 2 hour lesson or double lesson pack.
Please note you are under no-obligation to purchase anything.

If you really want to learn how to kitesurf you are in the right place! Wether you want to learn today or when you are ready - we want to be there to teach you how to fly!

Here is what you will learn in the INTRO TO KITESURFING:
• You will learn all about the sport.
• Safety, suitable locations, wind and weather conditions.
• Equipment required and how it works.
• Various learning pathways and their costs.
• You will get hands on experience of how to control kite power and direction.

These basic kite skills and knowledge are the foundation of your future progression.  

Just fill out your details and information below and we will contact you to book your lesson.

* Please note this is held as a group lesson - Our instructor will contact you ASAP to discuss a date available for you to join. 

Kitethrills hopes to see you on the water with us soon!
Ok.. Let's begin!