kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!

How to choose and buy a kitesurfing harness

Steps to choosing the right Kitesurfing Harness

Probably the most personal part of your kitesurfing setup, your best option is to come and try some on for size. 

There are generally 3 different types of kitesurfing harnesses you can choose from:

1. Soft Shell Waist Harness: General harness for all types of riding. Great portability and light for travelling.

2. Hard Shell Harness: Good back support. Last a long time. 

3. Seat Harness: Good for people with back problems. Good for learning.

Here are some things to look for when trying a kitesurfing harness on for size:

• Make sure the spreader bar and pad (hook part at front of harness) is not digging into any part of your skin or stomach. Any sort of irritation or rubbing to the body will be magnified 10 times once you are riding for several hours.

• Whilst wearing a rash shirt, make sure if the harness is a soft shell harness, set it so it's not too tight, and it swivels nicely on the body which is good for kitesurfing waves.

• If harness is hardshell, make sure it feels like a glove on you! Also test to see if the harness does swivel on you (whilst wearing rash shirt) that it doesn't have any hard edges that dig into your ribs. Not all hardshell harnesses are designed to swivel, some are designed to lock in place

• If it is a seat harness; make sure the fastening straps fit comfortably around your legs without pinching etc.