• kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing
  • kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!
  • Learn with Queenslands Longest Running School
  • Quality gear / Affordable Pricing

Learn to Kite

So you want to get fit, learn something new, and have fun? Come Kite with us!




Other Benefits of Learning to Kitesurf:

• Meet and make new friends

• Spend more time outdoors, soaking up nature. Australia is beautiful, so let's enjoy it!

• Improve your reflexes and motor skills.

• Get more excitement in your life; more opportunities to have epic weekends away from the TV.

• Learning a new sport is incredibly invigorating and will keep you young!

• Less impact than other hard ground sports like football, tennis etc and less dangerous than cycling; there's no cars and no concrete!

• Suitable for all ages and fitness levels: We have taught kids right up to Grandpas. As long as you can swim you will be ok!

• 100% Track record for safety - we use the best gear, and best safety features to make sure you will be 100%!

About Us 

Kitethrills started as a school in late 1999 and has now taught thousands of lessons and most of Caloundra’s kitesurfers their basic skills. Experience counts and our reputation on the beaches as the most Professional, Patient, Effective, Safe and Successful kite school is deserved.
Our competency-based courses ensure you never get out of your depth and unsafe. Walk before you run! We start with the very basics of choosing a safe location and reading the wind, on to basic un powered flight skills, powered flight skills, basic water and safety skills, then water-starting and riding a board. When you show competency in a skill we move on to the next. You don’t waste time but you do stay safe. The average person is learning the water start and board skills after 4 – 6 hours.

Why Choose Us:

• The coasts mosts experienced and patient instructors

• Honest professional assessment of weather to ensure your lesson is great value for money

• Sunshine Coasts only council approved school. We were assessed and chosen above the others to be the most professional, best track record, safest, and the best all round school.  Our government permit validates our $20M public liability insurance, and ensures you're in good hands.

• We make sure you’re enjoying your lesson and progressing your skills

• We have free lesson packages available to ensure you get into kitesurfing fast fun and safe.