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Eureka - Ozone Kitesurfing Gear & Lesson Package


Welcome to the Kitethrills Eureka Ozone package page!

This bundle will save you over $1000 on combined equipment and UNLIMTED LESSONS!*

We have been selling and working with Ozone products for many years.
Their equipment is top class, reliable and works very well.

We find in particular the Ozone kites out perform most other brands.

You will not be disappointed with an Ozone setup!

From below please select your appropriate sizes.
Please call the shop, or talk with your instructor to help you make this decision.




*Unlimited Lessons: Your instructor will give you as many lessons as you require to get you to a level they deem satisfactory so that you can kite independently and safely. If you would like further coaching after this please check out our 1 YEAR COACHING PLAN