kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport!

We Create Kitesurfers - OLD

 Learn to Kitesurf Sunshine Coast 

We have been doing this since 1999, longer than any other kite school in QLD. We operate in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. 

Kitesurfing is suitable for all ages and fitness levels - if you can swim then you can kitesurf!

Ok so how do you learn?

Well we make it very easy with our 3 steps detailed below...

 Step 1:  Decide if you want to take up the sport. 

Discovery Program
2 seperate lessons of 2 hours - $440
SAVE $40! (Off standard rate of 2 x Lessons)

Overview: Will show you what it's all about – 2 x 2 hour lessons, each lesson on seperate days, to give you the basic feel and awareness of the sport.
Aim: To impart the skills and knowledge to control the wind power for your fun.  You’ll feel safe and confident that you can control the power.  You’ll see the path forward and be able to decide if the sport is for you. 
Locations: Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast Qld.
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Casual Lesson
1 lesson of 2 hours - $240

Overview: Learn the basics, or advance your skills from previous lessons.

Aim: To learn a hands on general overview of the sport, or to refresh/advance your skills and knowledge from previous lessons or experience.

Locations: Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast Qld.

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 Step 2: Get your gear.

Speak with our instructors to custom order your gear or make it super easy with our learner gear packages below which include free lessons!

Kite Surf Gear and Lessons

Our Eureka Program inc FREE LESSONS From $3800 
Includes your own gear, lessons and complete training program to get you riding and safe. For more information please contact us!


Step 3: Ongoing Stoke 

Know how to ride, but just want some ongoing help with your technique and skill progression?

Get Amped for Kitesurfing

Our Amped Program ($1320)
Ongoing coaching and events for 1 year to guide your path through different skills and aspects of the sport. 
For more information please contact us!