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Wing Surf Lesson 02 CALOUNDRA - Foil Fundamentals - Private Lesson

Wing Surf Lesson 02 CALOUNDRA - Foil Fundamentals - Private Lesson

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Wing Surfing (aka Winging, Wing Foiling, Wingding) uses a hand-held inflatable “wing” to propel oneself on the water using the power of wind. Though it can be done on standard paddle board (SUP) with the addition of center fin or keel, it is most commonly paired with a hydrofoil and foilboard. The low resistance of the hydrofoil allows the wind to push you in the air and glide above the water with the use of the wing. The sport is a cross between kiteboarding, windsurfing, foiling surfing and paddle boarding.

Skills required: if you have wind power skills such as kiting or wing level 1 and 2 above, then we put you on the right wing foil board and get you foiling right away.  

Or please view these lessons to complete these skills first:
Wing Basics
Hydro Foiling with a Jetski

Lesson Outline:

Wing Foiling - 2 hours, $200

Combine wing and foil skills for progressing onto the foil, maintaining pitch, roll and yaw for prolonged foiling, dismount, learning to turn, having fun. Recommend 2 x 2 hours.



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